Traveling Research Laboratory?

Founded by two artists mamoru and Motoyuki Shitamichi together with a graphic designer Masataka Maruyama, Traveling Research Laboratory has been active since 2014. Our laboratory has been collectively working on the methodologies of the fieldwork and its outputs and investigating the elements and matters of research process with various members gathered for every project.

This Website introduces and documents our findings & thoughts through our research trips and observations as the “Field Note”. In the “Archive” section, you can browse our publications.


Traveling Research Laboratory:
mamoru (sound artist)
Motoyuki Shitamichi (artist/photographer)
Masataka Maruyama (designer)
Reina Ashibe (art manager)

*This Website is designed in the collaboration with Shunya Hagiwara + Maya Numata + Miho Maruyama

English translation: Joyce Lam, mamoru